Early References for the CARTMELL families of Frederick County, VA

1681-1765 Chester County Land Records, Vol. 1 through Vol. 5

There are no Cartmills or Cartmells listed in this book by any spelling variation. Nathaniel Cartmell can be found in other records for Chester County, PA between 1685 and 1695 but evidently he never owned land in Chester County. Henry Cartmill of Botetourt County, VA can be found on the 1750-1753 Chester County, PA tax rolls and Lt. Henry Cartmill, son of Henry Cartmill, was born in Chester County, PA in 1754 per his 1832 Am Rev pension application. However, Henry Cartmill also cannot be found in the Chester County, PA Land Records within this book.

1685 Pennsylvania Births, Chester County, 1682-1800 by John T. Humphrey, 1994

Cartmill, Martin - 19th, 1st month, 1685, Father Nathaniel, Mother Dorety

Cartmill, Thomas - 29th, 2nd month, 1689, Father Nathaniel, Mother Dorety

1685 From the book Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, 1995 by Cecil O'Dell

Reference 58 - - Delaware Quaker Records, Early Members of Northern New Castle County, Newark Monthly Meeting Minutes, 1686-1739, pages 377-378. Compiled by Herbert Standing, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Martin Cartmell (son of Nathaniel and Dorothy Cartmell) was born ?19 Jan 1685 at sea on a voyage from Ireland.? Another son, Thomas Cartmell, was born a birthright member of the Newark Meeting (Quakers) on 29 Feb 1689. The Cartmells first lived in New Castle County, Delaware in the Brandywine Hundred (township).

1692 New Castle Co. DE Newark/Kennett Monthly Meeting records 1686 to 1692

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1692 5th day 6th mo. The Mo Meeting held at Morgan Druets. Alphonsus Kirk and Abigainl Sharply presented their intentions of marriage to this meeting. William Lester and Nathaniel Carthmell jr ordered to make Enquire concerning ye clearness of ye man, and Cassandra Druet and Ann Hollingsworth to make Enquiry concerning ye clearness of ye woman, to give their report to ye next monthly meeting.

1692 3rd day 7th mo. The Monthly Meeting held at Valentine Hollingsworth. Alphonsus Kirk and Abigail Sharply making their appearance before the meeting in order to their marriage (this being ye second time) William Lester and Nathaniel Cartmell, Cassandra Druet and Ann Hollingsworth makes report they have enquired abt ym and cannot find by yet is clear, wherefor ye meeting leaves them to their liberty to take each another according to ye good order of Truth.

1692 Quaker Marriage Records, Concord Monthly Meeting - Chester County, PA

31 Jan 1692, Nathaniel Cartmel is listed at the wedding of Thomas Hollingsworth (of New Castle County, DE) to Grace Cooke at the house of Nathaniel Parkes, Concord, Chester County, PA.

Note: Thomas Hollingsworth was a neighbor of Nathaniel Cartmell on the 1696 Tax List for the inhabitants on the north side of Brandywine Creek in New Castle, DE.

1691-1695 Philadelphia County, PA Wills 1682-1819

Will of William Lester of New Castle County, DE. Names "friend" Dorothy Cartmell. Executors: Jacob Chandler, Henry Hollingsworth and Valentine Hollingsworth.

Note: Henry Hollingsworth and Valentine Hollingsworth were neighbors of Nathaniel Cartmell on the 1696/97 New Castle County, DE tax List. William Lester was also probably a neighbor prior to his death.

1696/97 New Castle Co. DE Tax Records for 1696/7

List of the inhabitants on the north side of Brandywine Creek According to an assessment made the first day Jan 1696/7 for one penny per pound and six shillings per head on those not otherways rated and committed to the collection of Cornelous Empson.

Cornelius Empson 01=13=04 William Taley 00=08=04

Jacob Vandeveer 00=00=00 Thomas Jones 00=08=04

Cornelius Vandeveer 00=08=04 Benditus Steedham 00=06=00

William Vandeveer 00=06=00 Peter Mormce 00=08=04

John Vandeveer 00=06=00 Henry Toriso 00=06=00

Paul Peterson 00=06=00 Jacob Clemmetson 00=08=04

Hans Peterson 00=16=08 Valentine Hollingsworth 00=08=04

Peter Peterson 00=08=04 Henry Hollingsworth 00=04=02

Nathaniell Cartmell 00=00=00 Thomas Hollingsworth 00=06=00

William Pool 00=08=04 George Robinson 00=08=04

Ebenezer Perkins 00=08=04 William Drewitt 00=06=00

Joseph Perkins 00=06=00 Thomas Yates 00=06=00

Widdow Drewitt 00=04=02 Richard Beacham 00=06=00

John Grubb 00=16=08 John Cannaday 00=06=00

William White 00=06=00 Bennoni Empson 00=06=00

John Buckley 00=08=04 Joseph Cloud 00=08=04

Oliver Cope 00=12=06 John Peirce 00=00=00

John Prew 00=06=00 John Bernard 00=06=00

John Cloud 00=08=04 Hugh Owen 00=06=00

Thomas Babb 00=06=00 Alexander Finloe 00=06=00

Assessed and rated the first day of Janry 1696/7 by us:

Corn. Empson, John Hussey, Peter Alrich, George Hogg, Jno Donaldson, Tho Wollaston, Jno Richardson, Edward Gibbs

1698 Will of William Pool, 21 May 1698

Extracts from Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, Vol. 24, No 2: p. 11--The will of William Poole, dated 2nd 11th 1698, proved 21 May 1698 mentions "brother" Nathaniel Cartmell and names Nathaniel Cartmill [sic] executor.

Note: Nathaniel Cartmell was married to Dorothy Poole and William Poole is probably Dorothy's brother. William Pool lived next door to Nathaniel for the 1696 New Castle County, Tax List.

1707-1708 Ships to America

1707 John Cartmill, 12 Jan ? 22 Feb, ship; Submission of White Haven; from Whitehaven to Virginia. 1708 John Cartmill, 29 Jan ? 10 Mar, ship; Submission of White Haven; from Whitehaven to Virginia. 1708 John Cartmill, 11-13 Mar, ship; Marazeen of White Haven. Notes: The identity of this John Cartmill is unknown at this time. This might be the John Cartmell from Out Rawcliff, England that bought 500 acres in Pennsylvania in 1723. See the 1723, 1727 and 1744 entries for more information.

1716 Cecil County, MD

Martin Cartmell was patented property called "Goodwill" in Cecil County, MD, (acreage unknown at this time) in 1716. A portion of this patent land was sold by Martin Cartmell in Cecil County, MD in 1738. The 1716 patent of the land is referred to in the 1738 deed (see the 1738 deed).

1720 From the book Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, 1995 by Cecil O'Dell

Martin Cartmell was living in Cecil County, Maryland by 7 February 1720/21 when he purchased 100 acres of land on the west branch of Elk River from Henry Hollingsworth.

Note: Henry Hollingsworth was a neighbor in the 1696/7 Newcastle County, DE Brandywine Hundred Tax List.

Note: Martin immediately sold 76 of the 100 acres. By 1722 the 76 acre portion of this land had changed hands several times (see 1722).

1722 Abstracts of Cecil Co., MD Land Records 1673-1751, By June D. Brown

P.162 Deed, P.532.? Richard McDanall of Whiteclay Creek, County of Newcastle upon Delaware, sadler, for ?12, to James Maffit of Cecil Co., weaver, 76 acres of land by a tract of land formerly surveyed for Abraham and Stephen Hollingsworth called Partner's Pershill.? Said land formerly surveyed by warrant granted to Henry Hollingsworth of Cecil Co. for 100 acres of land dated 10 May 1720 and assigned by said Henry to Martin Cartwill [Cartmill?] of said county on 15 Aug. The 76 acres were assigned by Martin to George Collings.? Made 14 Mar 1722.? Wit: Gunning Bedford, Abr'm.? Hollingsworth.? Adkn. and Rec. 14 Mar 1722/3. JPs: Edward Jackson, James Alexander. S. Knight, Clerk

1723 Early Pennsylvania Land Records, Minute Book, Sep., Aug., May 1723

William Passmore conveyed 500 acres of said land to John Cartmell of Rawcliff in County of Lancaster (England).

Note: Two wills found later in England in 1727 and 1744 reveal John Cartmell was from the town of Out Rawcliffe, England, about 5 miles NE of Blackpool in the present day county of Lancashire, near the town of Cartmel. See the 1727 will of John and the 1744 will of John?s son Thomas for more information.

1724 Cecil County, MD.

Martin Cartmell was granted 24 acres called Cartmell?s Addition adjoining 100 acres he had bought from John Hollingsworth?s son in Cecil County, MD. This 24 acre land patent is referred to in a deed executed by Martin Cartmell's son Nathaniel of Frederick County, VA in 1751 (see 1751).

Note: Martin Cartmell died in Frederick County, VA in 1749 and Martin?s son Nathaniel sold in 1751 land Martin had owned in Cecil County, MD.

1726 Newcastle County, DE

Martin Cartmell sold 240 acres in Newcastle County, DE to his brother Thomas Cartmell. Martin had obtained the land from his parents.

New Castle County, Delaware Land Records 1715-1728, by Carol Bryant, p.128.

"On 18 May 1726, Martin Cartmell of Elk River in the Province of Maryland, yoman to Thomas Cartmell of Brandywine Hundred, turner. Wheras Nathanial Cartmell and Dorothy his wife of Brandywine Hundred by deed granted to Martin Cartmell, his son, a tract of land being in the manor of Rock Island in Brandywine Hundred bounded by Shilpot Creek containing 200 acres and a tract of marsh which is commonly called Reddeg Hook Marsh bounded by the Delaware River containing 40 acres as recorded in Book D page 254."

1727 Cecil County, MD.

Martin Cartmell bought an adjoining tract of land called Lydia's jointure in 1727. This tract of land adjoined the tract of land in Cecil County patented to Martin in 1716 called Goodwill. Martin bought this property in 1727 per a land description in a November 1738 land sale by Martin (see 1738 and 1751)

1727 10 January 1727, in England. Will of John Cartmell, Pennsylvania land owner.

"I John Cartmell of Liscod (Liscoe) within Out Rawcliffe in County of Laurt." Names sons Isaac, Nathan and Thomas; daughters Margaret and Ann. Isaac given 100 pounds to be deducted from debt of 221 pounds, 8 shillings, 5 pence owed his father. Nathan to receive 100 pounds less the debt of 65 pounds, 2 shillings, 2 pence owed his father,. Daughter Margaret to get 100 pounds, 5 shillings. Daughter Ann to get 5 shillings as she had already received 100 pounds. Thomas to receive all the land "within the Kingdom of England and also Pensilvania".

Executor: Son Thomas Cartmell
Witnesses: Robert Poole, James Libby, Thomas Cartmell, James L.

Notes: The places named in this will and in the 1744 will of the son Thomas are all located in Lancashire County about 3-4 miles NE of Blackpool, England on the River Wyre. The correct spelling for the place names are: Liscoe, Larbreck, Preesall and Out Rawcliffe. This is about 25 miles south of the town of Cartmel.

Interesting that Robert Poole is a witness. Nathaniel Cartmell of New Castle County, Delaware in America was married to Dorothy Poole and lived next door to William Pool (Brother-in-law?) for the 1696/97 Newcastle County tax list.

1738 Cecil County, MD.

Martin Cartmell and his wife Esther sold two tracts of land because they were moving to Frederick County, VA. Martin and wife Esther sold 100 acres from parts of Goodwill and Lydia's Jointure, 30 1/3 acres from Goodwill and 69 2/3 acres from Lydia?s Jointure. They also sold either 10 or acres of Goodwill at the same time in a second deed (also see 1751 deed by Martin's son Nathaniel).

Abstracts of Cecil Co., MD Land Records 1673-1751, By June D. Brown

P.66 Deed, P.476. Martin Cartmill of Cecil Co. and his wife Esther, to John Edmondson of the same county, for £35 and because he is moving, 100 acres of land on the north side of the plantation on which Cartmill now lives bounded on the north by John McCullough's land and on the west by Joseph Thompson's land, part of 2 adjoining tracts of land, one called Lidia's Joynture, sold to Cartmill by deed dated 20 May 1727 and other called Goodwill, patented to Cartmill in 1716. Of the 100 acres, 69 acres and 36 perches are out of Lydia's Joynture and 30 acres and 21 perches are part of Goodwill. Made and Ackn: 16 Nov 1738. Wit: John Cage, Robert Williams, William Taylor. JPs: William Rumsey, A. Barry. Alienation fine of 4 shillings rec'd by Jas. Paul Heath on 4 Dec 1738. Rec: 31 Jan 1738. Wm. Knight, Clerk

P.69 Deed, P.492. Martin Cartmell of Cecil Co., and his wife Esther, because he is moving and for £3.15s, to John McCullock of the same county, 10 acres of land, part of a tract called Goodwill patented to Martin Cartmill in 1716, on the north side of the said John McCullock's plantation where he now dwells. Made 23 Nov 1738. Wit; William Houston, George Lawson, William Taylor. Ackn: 26 Nov 1738. JPs: Edward Jackson, A. Barry. Rec. 16 Mar 1738. Wm. Knight, Clerk

Note: In 1751, Martin's son Nathaniel states 110 acres of Goodwill was sold, not 10 acres as transcribed here (see 1751 deed).

1738 From the book Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, 1995 by Cecil O'Dell

Shortly after selling the land, Martin probably moved to Orange County, Virginia where he purchased 650 acres from Thomas Branson, Sr. on 13 Jan 1741/42 (part of Branson's 850-acre, 12 Nov 1735 patent land). [60] (Tract 147B, Map 8) Martin's son Nathaniel Cartmell purchased the other 200 acres of this patent land from Nathaniel Thomas for 60 pounds on 7 May 1747.

[61] (Tract 147A, Map 8).

[60] Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 8, page 69

[61] Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book 1, page 307

Note: This is by no means the only land acquisition of Martin Cartmell. Per Thomas Kemp Cartmell in his book (1905), the Cartmells moved to VA in 1735 and ordered surveys for several large tracts of land, all in the name of Martin. Thomas Kemp Cartmell noted that there were over 100 Cartmell deeds recorded in the Frederick County deed books by 1905. A search of the early VA land records from 1735-1745 will undoubtedly turn up several land transactions for the Cartmells. The key here is that Martin Cartmell sold his property in Cecil County, MD in 1738 and moved with friends and church members to Frederick County, VA.

1744 - Will of Thomas Cartmell

26 January 1744, in England. Will of Thomas Cartmell, son of John Cartmell who died in England in 1727 and left Thomas land in Pennsylvania.

"I Thomas Cartmell of Liskore (Liscoe) within Out Rawcliffe in County of Lancaster." Names wife Ann, brothers Isaac and Nathan and sister Ann married to Robert Abbot. No children named. Several properties named as follows: Lands and Estates in Preesall and Larbreck, a tenement in the township of Hardhorn with Newton of about 22 acres, Estate in Liscoe and a "large tract or parcell of land lying and being in Pensilvania within that part of the World called America". The land in Pennsylvania to be sold absolutely and the proceeds to be split between brother Isaac, brother Nathan and Robert Abbott (married to sister Ann). Also mentioned is James Birbot late of Wood within Cartmell.

Executor: Brother Nathan Cartmell

Witnesses: Elizabeth Tennant, Rich Tennant, Whiteside

Note: From this will it appears the land in Pennsylvania was probably sold never having been occupied by this family. John Cartmell and son Thomas Cartmell of Out Rawcliff appear to be from the town of Cartmel just to the north. Nathan and Thomas are also family names of the Cartmells that settled in America.

1745 1745/46 Augusta County, VA Fee Book, page 67

Thomas Chester, Sheriff of Frederick.

Thomas Chester was married to Sarah Cartmell, daughter of Nathaniel Cartmell and Dorothy Poole.

1749 Martin Cartmell died 1749 in Frederick County, VA.

Martin Cartmell's Will (1685-1749), written 11 April 1749, proved 6 June 1749

Frederick County, VA. Will Book 1, Page 289,

Wife Esther. Sons Nathaniel and Edward to divide 250 acres between them. Son Nathan to get 400 acres. Martin?s mother (name not given) to have house and two acres. Son Nathan to care for Martin's mother.

Executors: Wife Esther Cartmell and son Nathan Cartmell.

Witnesses: Leonard Hornsby, Elizabeth Smith and Susanna Chester.

Note: Susanna Chester was Martin?s sister, married to Thomas Chester. Elizabeth Smith was a married daughter of Thomas and Susanna Chester. Martin evidently died shortly after writing his will (11 April 1749) as Martin is not mentioned in his mother?s will written 20 April 1749.

1750 Dorothy Cartmell died in Frederick County, VA in 1750

Dorothy Cartmell's will (1670-1750), written 20 Apr 1749, proved 14 Nov 1750

Frederick County, VA Will Book 1, Page 412, proved 14 Nov 1750.

Legacies to son Thomas Cartmell and daughter Sarah Chester. Son-in-law Thomas Chester. Grandsons Nathaniel, Nathan and Edward Cartmell (sons of Martin Cartmell and Esther). Grandsons Joseph, Thomas and William Cartmell and granddaughters Sarah and Hannah Cartmell (children of Thomas Cartmell and Dinah Taylor). Grandsons Thomas and David Chester and granddaughters Mary and Susanna Chester (children of Thomas Chester and Sarah Cartmell). Granddaughter Elizabeth Smith (married daughter of Thomas Chester and Sarah Cartmell). Grandson Thomas Smith and granddaughters Lydia, Mary and Sarah Smith (children of unnamed daughter married to a Smith). Also named, Catherine Hiland (no relationship stated, Hylands were neighbors).

Executor: Grandson Edward Cartmell (son of Martin Cartmell).

Witnesses: Samuel Merrifield, Joseph Glass and Robert Glass.

1751 Frederick County, VA

Martin's son Nathaniel sold the last of the family's land in Cecil County, MD, land Nathaniel had inherited from his father.

Abstracts of Cecil Co., MD Land Records 1673-1751, By June D. Brown

P.190 Deed, P.351. Nathaniel Cartmell of Frederick Co., VA, son and heir of Martin Cartmell, deceased, for £60, to Joseph Cochran of Cecil Co., farmer, 100 acres of land in Milford Hundred, Cecil Co., part of a tract called Fair Hill granted by patent to John Hollingsworth, deceased, and by John Hollingsworth's son and heir granted to Martin Cartmell. Also another tract of 24 acres called Cartmell's Addition adjoining the first said tract and granted to Marten Cartmell by patent in 1724. Also 2 tracts, one called Good Will and the other part of Lydia's Joynture [except 110 acres sold by Martin Cartmell to John McCullock.] Made 1 Nov 1751. Wit: Nich'o Hyland, Nath'n. Baker, Francis Mauldin. Ackn: next day. JPs: Nich's Hyland, Nathan Baker. Alienation fine of 8 shillings paid 13 Dec 1751 to Matts. Bordley. Rec: 13 Dec 1751. Ms. Bordley, Clerk

1754 Thomas Chester died and left a will

Thomas Chester was married to Sarah Cartmell, daughter of Nathaniel Cartmell and Dorothy Poole. Daughter Elizabeth who was married to a Smith is named in Thomas?s will (the granddaughter Elizabeth Smith referred to by Dorothy Cartmell in her will).

1759 Thomas Cartmell

Son of Nathaniel Cartmell and Dorothy Poole, died in New Castle County, DE.

The will of Thomas Cartmill, from the book Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1911.

12 Feb 1759-14 mar1759

Son, William Cartmill. Grandson Thomas Cartmill and his two sisters Ann and Hannah. Daughter Sarah Breek (?). Daughter Hannah Killam. Grandson Thomas Cartmill?s mother?s husband George Robinson. Executor: Son William Cartmill and son-in-law John Killam.

Notes: The grandchildren named are probably children of a deceased son, either Joseph or Thomas, two sons of Thomas not named here. They are probably not the children of William as William was named in the will and anything left to William?s children would automatically be under control of William. It appears the grandson Thomas?s father died (Thomas or Joseph) and the mother remarried George Robinson.