Status of the CARTMILL/CARTMELL Family Group DNA Project, 21 Jan 2018

Thanks to Don Sticher, the Family Group DNA project administrator for an excellent report. Be sure to check out the Family Tree DNA website when you're done here. Your participation might provide a valuable link in the family tree. The results of DNA testing by living descendants of the three early branches of Cartmill/Cartmell prove that Nathaniel, John, and Henry all share a common ancestor. The full report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The Cartmill/Cartmell Family Group DNA Project was launched in March of 2005. As of January 2018 there are 20 Y-DNA test participants representing many family lines. Of the 20 test subjects with Y-DNA results, we have three 12-marker tests, thirteen 37 marker tests and four 67-marker tests. An explanation of how the Y-DNA test works is included, beginning on page 27.

It has been determined by professional researchers that the Cartmill/Cartmell/Cartmel surname is most unique, and has its roots in the Village of Cartmel, in the Lake District of England. This village was established in the 12th Century, and migration from the village can be established as early as the 14th Century to Ireland and other parts of England. Given the relatively small number of living descendants bearing the surname and its variants, it may be possible to determine the very earliest ancestors through DNA tests.

The primary purpose of the Cartmill/Cartmell Y-DNA Project is to align the descendants of the earliest American families, Nathaniel Cartmell (1660), John Cartmill (1710) and Henry Cartmill (1716), into their proper order. Both John (1710) and Henry (1716) were born about 50-60 years after Nathaniel (c1660), putting them on a generation level equivalent to Nathaniel’s grandchildren. A brief history of these three families is given at the end of this report, beginning on page 21. All three of these circa 1700 ancestors settled in the same area, and their descendants migrated westward in similar patterns. The result has been some confusion as to which family group some descendants belong.

Project Goals:

1. Determine the lineage of each of the three lines in early America.

2. Establish whether or not Nathaniel (1660), John (1710), and Henry (1716) were related.

3. Encourage DNA participation from UK descendants, in order to make this a global search.

The results of these tests show Nathaniel Cartmell (1660), John Cartmill (1710) and Henry Cartmill (1716) were definitely related, and to a much closer degree than first suspected, with the descendant test subjects matching 65-of-67 Y-DNA markers.

A DNA test performed in November 2017 revealed an Australian Cartmill family with the same Y-DNA signature as the Cartmill families in America.  The Australian Cartmill family emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland to Australia in 1853.  The origin of the County Armagh Cartmills has not been determined as of this date, but the Y-DNA results prove they are genetic cousins of the American Cartmills and share a common ancestor with the American Cartmills.

This report covers five areas as follows:

1. General information about the Cartmill/Cartmell DNA project.

2. Brief overview of the four primary Cartmill and Cartmell families (Nathaniel 1660, John 1710, Henry 1716, County Armagh, Ireland Cartmills).

3. The Y-DNA participants, kit numbers, family lineage and test results.

4. Brief history of the three primary American Cartmill and Cartmell families.

5. Y-DNA Overview

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